Current Exhibition: Emma Pineiro: Terra Mia
Arch Gallery
In Miami, Arch Gallery builds upon the foundations set during its twenty years of exhibitions presented at the Montana Family’s exquisite loft 4,000 sq. ft. in NOHO, NYC, when the gallery directed by Daniela Montana, served as a maverick in the Latino Art Movement. In New York, Arch Gallery distinguished itself as a haven for Latin American artists, presenting a monthly visual arts program complimented by literary events, multi-disciplinary performances, roundtable‐discussions, press conferences, fundraisers and community meetings. In promoting a cross-cultural dialog, Arch Gallery has always acted as a catalyst for inclusiveness and diversity. Today, as international art fairs have changed the nature of the market, Arch seeks to provide greater access to alternate voices, through participation in select fairs, serving as a bridge between contemporary artists and new audiences.
Arch Gallery Miami: Artists

Emma Alvarez Pineiro • Kuki Benski • Pablo Contrisciani • Mariano Costa-Peuser • Marta Estrems • Raul Farco • Steven Gagnon • Liliana Gerardi • Elizabeth Grajales • Laura Marquez • Juan Mele • Ryan O’Connor • Manuel Pardo • Guillermo Portieles • Enrique Sierra • Daniela Viotti.

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